Hi Scott. You may not recall, but I had purchased your piping tutor to start my grandson on the chanter. That was several years ago and Sam in now on the pipes and thanks to your book, has excellent basics. Recently I started my youngest grandson (he's seven) on the chanter, using your tutor. Liam is going great guns and it's because your tutor teaches in such a way that kids learn quickly. I recommend your tutor to anyone starting a child on the chanter. It beats the old way we used to learn.
Ed Coleman
Hello Mr. Williams, 

My name is Gavin Stewart. I am a 15-year-old high school student that lives in Mountain View, Arkansas. I was lucky enough to come across a copy of your book "Sandy Chisholm's Chanter Lessons" when I was trying to learn to play the pipes in the fifth grade. I was too young to concentrate on practicing and ended up quitting, but around the end of October I unearthed your book and started reading. I found a CD of "The 1997 World Pipe Band
Championships" and I found my chanter and started taking lessons from a student at Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas (a college that has a Presbyterian history, and it has a Scottish heritage program). So I practiced every day and when I got tired I would read from your book and start to practice harder. And low and behold a few weeks later at the end of November my teacher told my mother that I am ready for the Great Highland
Bagpipes. I just want to thank you. Your book had so many inspiring words in it that motivated my to play and play. I am glad that you, Sandy, and I learned to play the pipes.

Gavin Stewart
Scott Williams playing in front  of the
Antigonish Town Hall, August, 2006


Photo courtesy of
The Casket